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Credentials Administrative Services is a full-service enrollment and credentialing company. Many companies rely on software and technology to handle their needs believing that it is working to its full capacity, but could it be better? We understand that every client's needs are distinct, and we work diligently to accommodate those needs. Software is only as good as the people running it, and implementing a software solution does not change the amount of resources an entity has available to handle a job. It is often used as a “band-aid” to the larger issue of the fact that there is no way to do the job effectively unless you have people who can follow up and do the leg-work as needed for each unique circumstance. This is how we differentiate ourselves from our competition.

   Payer Enrollment

From hospital systems to sole proprietorships, we handle the enrollment process with Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, MCOs, and more. This also includes managing delegated credentialing, confirming recredentialing, Medicare, and Medicaid revalidations.

   Research & Verification

Our expert team can quickly verify your providers' network status and discover any gaps where you may be losing revenue. This includes verification that data is listed accurately in payer directories, ensuring that patients can locate the right provider for their needs.

   CAQH Provider Portal

Commercial payers and healthcare networks rely on CAQH for credentialing and recredentialing. We maintain and update this vital record on an as-needed basis to ensure that credentialing or recredentialing is as smooth as possible.

   Roster Reconciliation

CMS Mandates that payer directories be kept up-to-date to ensure patient access to healthcare. Our team maintains a database of your providers' demographic information to ensure that this information is readily available when requested.

   Administrative Support

    We offer administrative support services in multiple facets, such as claim denial research, creating and updating résumés / CVs, remote data entry, and more!

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Dental Practices

Rural Health Clinics

Community Health Centers

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Please Note: We are not currently accepting home health or transportation providers.