History, Vision & Methodology


Credentials Administrative Services has been in business for more than a decade and has 45 years of collective experience in the health care administration field. Specializing in the detailed processes of credentialing and payer enrollment services, we pride ourselves on our confidentiality, accountability and satisfaction.

Credentials Administrative Services began from the vision and knowledge of the time-consuming processes for the healthcare community to research and verify certifications, obtain primary source documentation, coordinate, follow-up and finalize extensive amounts of paperwork. Sometimes these processes are difficult to accomplish to meet the revenue goals and high standards of the organization.

All too often it is the administrative / support staff that are required to "step-in" to accomplish credentialing and provider enrollment needs of their organizations to meet necessary deadlines or capture revenue that would otherwise be lost, while still managing a wide variety of other responsibilities.

Credentials Administrative Services is here to assist you and / or your staff to lighten the load so that you can be confident that you will continue to maintain excellence for your organization and accomplish your revenue initiatives!

Executive Management


Sheila (SJ) Hunt

Sheila founded CAS in 2003. Her passion for credentialing and payer enrollment is fueled by her desire to ensure patient access to health care, particularly in rural and under-served communities. Sheila is responsible for crafting and implementing the long-term visions of the company.


Adam Swain

Adam joined CAS in 2011. Adam has a Bachelor of Science degree in Management. His strengths in organizing information, streamlining operations, management of staff, financial oversight, and dedication to the business resulted in him working his way into higher positions within the company. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2016 and as of 2023, President and is the right arm to the chief Executive Officer.


Nikki Swain

Nikki joined CAS in 2013. Her strengths in communication and focus on efficient and effective workflow and processes as well as organizing and managing staff along with her dedication to the business resulted in her being recognized as an extremely valuable asset to CAS. Nikki was promoted to Director of Operations in 2016 and as of 2023, Chief Operating Officer.